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January 2021: A big thank you to everyone who was bought our products at the last three Farmer’s Markets. We’ve sold out of bird houses and only have two bug houses left!
We still have some of our decorative T-Light holders for sale though, and will be making more birdhouses and bughouses as soon as we can. Thank you so much for your support.

Below you will see most of our products currently for sale. They’re not available to buy directly from the website but if you like something you can call Richard on 07814 186874 to reserve it. We can then arrange for the delivery and payment – most people come and see us at Petworth Farmer’s Market and collect it then.

Where painted, unless otherwise stated, all of our products are protected using environmentally- and animal-friendly wood stains.

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T-Light holders - various

T-Light holders - various
£2.00 - £9.00

Call 07814 186874 to Reserve

Bird Table Feeder

Free standing bird table for you to watch your birds at

Call 07814 186874 to Reserve

Bug House (rustic)

Attract beneficial wildlife to your garden with this bughouse.

Call 07814 186874 to Reserve

Bird Box (for Robins)

A bird box designed especially for Robins - they prefer an open faced box.

Call 07814 186874 to Reserve

SOLD OUT - More to come in the Spring

Squirrel feeder

Our very popular squirrel feeder. Lift the lid, fill with peanuts and watch the squirrel learn how to lift the lid and help themself...

Call 07814 186874 to Reserve

Garden bed - plant markers

Mark out your plants and beds with these bold markers. Just write on with a marker pen, and then sand down to re-use.
£5.00 (for 4)

Call 07814 186874 to Reserve